~one day in July~



Hello everyone, I’m Yoppy. Your host for today.


Today, we would like to show you a dream, ultimate matchup which everyone have been waiting for.


We proudly present…




Photoshop artist × Ugliest human in history?




Who will win!?






・We’ll take the photo data of the ugliest human to the Photoshop artist.


・Photoshop artist retouches the photo with all of his skill fully activated.


・If the photo gets retouched successfully, the artist wins. If not, FUGMO wins.



Competitors enter the ring!!









The Ugliest human in history” Omocoro editor Ricke.
The genetic engineering authority of USA defined him as “A miracle caused by the double stranded structure of DNA.”?
Gigantic face size, unbelievable hairy body…everything is perfectly awful.
How much can a modern technology resist to the rampage of DNA!?











Master of Photo Fraud” DJ Danchizuma
Professional artist who handles an idol photobook and the package graphics of porn video.
“Anything is possible with photoshop”, says the artist who challenges the worst nightmare.




Yoppy:Gentlemen, please exchange your name cards as usual.








The game is on!
Clash of two prides seems not to give an inch to eachother.
No one could imagine how this game will end up!?













battle start




in a leisurely manner, Ricke picks up a hairwig and a one-piece dress.










instantly, DJ’s face goes stiff.


“it is far different from dealing with an idol”


no matter how he is silent, the expression of impatience bursts out on his face.













leg desperately filled up with hair, the face size which a wig can’t cover up…


even considering a fact that he is an master artist, it is such a tough situation!!





“this is gonna be one difficult case… I didn’t expect him this ugly






DJ begins to rebuild plans



“uh, this is a real tough case, but I think I could make it out. I can win.


DJ declares with a confidence on his face. Looks like he found a way to the victory!
There is a definite battle which one can’t lose, for a man’s pride!!











procession start





This is the base data which will be retouched.
massive armhair, loopy eyes, and the face covered with stubbles…there are many traps awaiting!!


Is it possible to make this FUGMO into a drop dead gorgeous?









DJ starts off immediately after inputting the data.






DJ: For example, there is a hair coming out of the nostrils.



DJ: With photoshop, these stuffs could easily be erased.






What an artist! He erased the nasal hair very easily!
No wonder he is confident…he has a concrete proof.




Ricke’s team gets anxious.


“uh, I’m pretty embarassed, you know”










DJ: Furthermore, stuffs like these pores could be cleaned up, too.






The pores and wrinkles around the eyes had been cleared!!




At this rate…it could be possible to make it gprgeous!


How does this game turn out?












following day



DJ: …I’m done.







DJ seems very exhausted. ?We can imagine how hard the battle was from his face.


Yoppy: Thanks for the hard work…now, let us see what you’ve got!!






Do we have a gorgeous!?












DJ : I’m sorry, but I’m completely defeated. My plan was to retouch nIaturally as possible, but it came out to be too artificial. ?I also wanted to make the best use of any facial parts, but none of them were useful after all. ?It was better to draw everything in a CG…actually, I did draw most parts with CG…which made me regret, including the fact that I had to ignore all the hairs and stuff.?





Yoppy: I see…would you explain us about the retouched parts?






Brief explanation by DJ




1:Made facial outline smaller by using free transform tools.


2: Clear up the shape of chin.


3: As well as the square jaw.


4: Adjust the length of the face dynamically. Keep clearing up the parts like eyes and noses, too.


5: He had a terrible gap between teeth. By using stamp tool, you could make up the whole teeth from just one part.?


6: Fixed lips which were too dry


7: Only his left eye had a fold. ?Upturned and slanted, but the fold was very wide so I made the best use of it. This was the only thing that could be best used.



8: Add pupil to the eyes using define-like tools.



9: Transplant folds from the left eyes. By copying, pasting, and deforming, adjust to the original eyeshape.?


10: Arrange the skin. The overall skin were too erupted, so lets use stamp tools and bring the clean part. ?Also fixed the slanted eyes by turning it down a little.


11: Pile up the layers, and gain solidity by coloring it with approximately 30% transparency. ?Also, add some eyelashes.


12: Adjust the brightness. Make it really bright. Just like the photo booth pictures, it will make you 30% more beautiful when your skins are bright.


13: In order to modify the facial outline, trim the picture by closing in.








DJ: That’s all. It took about 6 hours. Oh, by the way, I tried to retouch this picture too, but…






DJ: I tried to adjust by reducing shoulder width and stuffs, but it was impossible to remove all the hairs covering up the body. When zoomed a picture, it is usually able to copy-paste the clean part of the skin, but there were no clean part at all. What a pity.?



So, as the result…











Ugly Ricke wins!!!




How was the historical matchup?
It was pretty surprising that forefront technology like photoshop were no match against the rapmpage of DNA. Looks like we are still far away from solving the secret of human genes.








Omocoro editorial awaits for the capable photoshop artist who could process this FUGMO into a gorgeous.


Please contact us if you have someone in mind.